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Colaska is a subsidiary of the Colas Group of companies, the worldwide leader in road construction. Through our business units, we operate in a decentralized structure with offices located throughout Alaska.


Our Services


Colaska provides various services that bring the most innovative and efficient solutions to the marketplace. We proudly provide road construction related services to government and municipal jurisdictions and the industrial and commercial sectors.


Our Expertise


Colaska, through its vast network both at home and abroad, has access to highly experienced and skilled personnel and state-of-art know-how in nearly every field of road construction, rehabilitation and maintenance. As part of the Colas international research and development network, our group continuously strives for excellence.


Our Products


Colaska manufactures and provides various aggregate, emulsion, binders and asphalt and concrete mixes to the marketplace. From the rock to the road, Colaska is vertically integrated and produces these products for our internal use and for 3rd party sales.


Our Network


Our network of Colas companies allows ColasUSA to provide our industry-leading infrastructure construction and maintenance products and services throughout most of the USA, from our home state Alaska to Florida and Maine to Southern California.