Our focus


Optimizing current products: because of constantly changing needs researchers, engineers and technicians are improving our products and manufacturing and placement techniques.


Designing new products and techniques: one of our research priorities at Colas is to anticipate the requirements of the market and propose solutions to the specific problems facing our clients, particularly those relating to local geographical issues, by satisfying performance requirements (reliability, durability, safety) and worksite constraints (weather conditions, construction rates).


The major aims of our research are to: 


  • reduce costs by recycling materials

  • streamline binder manufacturing processes

  • meet new road user needs

  • develop environmentally-friendly products






The specialty products and services that Colaska offers are marketed through ColasSolutions, a division of the Colas group created especially for this purpose. Some of the unique products available to Colaska are:











        Dust palliatives and stabilization systems









                Eco-friendly base preparation








                             Warm-Mix paving systems







the ultimate crack inhibiting and sealing membrane using chopped glass fiber strands 








  Permanent patching and pavement repair mix







An award-winning solution for long-lasting, ultrathin overlays