Relocate the Chefornak Airport approximately 1 mile south of the village of Chefornak, Alaska


Chefornak is located approximately 8 air miles east of the Bering Se on the Kinia River in the coastal lowlands of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. The project included grading, earthwork, drainage improvements, surfacing, lighting and snow removal equipment building construction. 

Stage I of the project involved embanking local silt to build the initial foundation for the runway, taxiway, apron and access road. This project, Stage II, further developed those surfaces while construction other airport amenities. 

Under Stage II the runway and road surfaces were constructed with subbase and topped with the crushed aggregate surface course. These included a 120' x 3230' runway, a 79' x 395' taxiway, a 400' x 300' apron and a 14' x 5486 access road.

Other airfield construction included erecting two snow removal equipment buildings, installing a rotating beacon, wind cone, segmented circle, and various airport lights; installation of 36" and 96" culverts; and extending power service to the new airport. The existing runway was decommissioned and became a part of the new airport access road. 

This project required 115,00 cubic yards of subbase and 20,000 cubic yards of crushed aggregate surface course, which was drilled, blasted and mined at the Owner supplied material site. The quarry was located approximately 5.5 miles southeast of Chefornak at the base of Cheeching Mountain. Due to the swampy nature of the area, the material needed to be mined and hauled during the winter months when an ice road could be built. Hauled material was temporarily stockpiled for subsequent processing.