About Colaska

Colaska leads Alaska in transportation infrastructure construction and maintenance. We are also a subsidiary of Colas Group, the world-wide leader in road construction.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a group, Colas and it’s subsidiaries are committed to their corporate social responsibilities. To honor this, we take conscious action to better our communities.

These efforts include offsetting Colas’ carbon footprint, focusing on global health and safety, strict ethical standards and the pursuit of a circular economy with enhanced recycling and reclamation.


Community Support

Colaska is committed to supporting Alaskan communities. Our work in itself builds up Alaskan towns, but we want to do more.

Colaska tries to support Alaskans in every way: from buying supplies locally, to hiring from within the community. We also use recycled materials and take care to leave as little impact on the surrounding environment as possible.


Professional Organizations

Professional organizations and industry groups are important. They provide us the opportunity to engage with our peers, expand our knowledge and advocate for common interests.

This is why Colaska is a proud member of the statewide Associated General Contractors (AGC), Alaska Miners Association (AMA) and the Resource Development Council (RDC). Colaska is also a part of several other groups and chapters that serve more focused causes, such as . 

Our employees are actively encouraged to participate in these organizations. We feel that their engagement contributes to the well-being of our industry, as well as your communities. 

Colaska is also a strong supporter of the University of Alaska Construction Management Department. Our managers commit significant time and effort to coaching and supporting UAA teams. They help train UAA’s teams for the annual regional Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) competition in Reno; an excellent experience for young builders. 


Fun Place to Work

With any career, it’s good to be able to blow off a little steam. At Colaska, we do that by playing hockey. It helps our team de-stress, get good exercise, and give a little back to the local community. 

Colaska’s hockey team practices all winter to prepare for the Colas Cup. The Colas Cup is an annual tournament that raises funds for local charities. 

Our team competes against 10 other Colas companies in a week-long tournament. Colaska enthusiastically supports the Special Olympics of Alaska and the Scotty Gomez Foundation. We also sponsors several teams in pond-hockey tournaments that, in turn, support non-profit organizations.

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