The Colas Group

The Colas Group is a world leader in transport infrastructure construction and maintenance.


Backed by a workforce of 57,000 people, Colas undertakes roughly 72,000 projects every year. We maintain a network of 800 construction units and 3,000 material production and recycling sites in some fifty countries throughout five continents. The Colas USA network provides industry-leading transportation construction and maintenance across the United States. Colaska is part of that network.


Colaska is a vertically integrated company that produces almost all of its own construction materials. These include aggregates, emulsions, asphalt mixes and concrete. It also imports its own cement and asphalt oil, thus securing supply chains, improving operational performance and minimizing environmental impacts. Additionally, Colaska is a leader in recycling construction materials. This reduces waste, saves energy and contributes to everyday environmental awareness.


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Our Companies

Colaska is comprised of seven operation companies that perform work across all of Alaska.

SouthEast Road Builders

Established in Haines over 40 years ago, Southeast Roadbuilders is a well recognized name in the local community. Offering tailored civil construction services to all, Southeast Roadbuilders is proud of its reputation of providing excellent customer satisfaction.


Secon is based in Juneau with satellite offices in Sitka and Ketchikan. Secon constructs project large and small; be it highways, airports, rural roads or mining developments.


Exclusive Paving

Operating out of North Pole, Exclusive Paving focusses on projects within a 100 mile radius of Fairbanks. Projects range from small to large, with special expertise in utilities, roads and airports. Its fully owned subsidiary, University Redi-Mix, provides concrete and pump trucks in the vicinity of Fairbanks and Delta Junction.


Headquartered in Anchorage, QAP constructs roads, airports and major infrastructure projects. QAP also has a team that specializes in logistics and self-sufficiency that is designed to complete projects in remote areas of Alaska.

Emulsion Products

With facilities in Anchorage and North Pole, Emulsion Products is a top supplier of liquid asphalt binders and emulsions from Prudhoe Bay to Cordova. Emulsion Products also provides materials for pavement preservation and repair and dust control products for gravel surfaces.


AGGPro conducts gravel mining, aggregate production and concrete Redi-Mix operations in Anchorage and Juneau.  AGGPRO is the largest commercial gravel mining operation in Alaska, using modern fixed and mobile plants for both asphalt and concrete production.