Exclusive Paving

Exclusive Paving is a heavy civil general contracting company based in and around Fairbanks. We’ve been working in remote areas of Alaska since 1987; no one understands remote Alaskan paving like we do. 

Paving Alaska for over three decades. 

Exclusive Paving began as a one-man excavation company in North Pole, Alaska back in 1987. Now, we operate as a heavy civil general contracting company which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Colaska.

When Exclusive Paving joined Colaska in 2004 our mission didn’t change, our resources did. We gained access to the latest advancements in equipment and construction technology, world-class training opportunities, extensive financial resources and a vast network of industry experts all around the country. 

Though we are now part of a much larger family, Exclusive Paving hasn’t forgotten where it started. Key personnel rarely changes; some of our employees have been with us for over 30 years. We value the depth and breadth of their knowledge and ensure that their experience is never lost. We take that knowledge and implement it into best practices, which has made Exclusive Paving the premier civil and heavy construction company in the Fairbanks area. 

Our Experience

Exclusive has built projects ranging from the $34.8 Million FIA Runway 1L-19R reconstruction to small “courtesy” jobs costing just a few thousand. Heavy commercial utility work has been a core component of Exclusive’s portfolio since 1995. We have completed construction of as many as seven utilities on a single project with a heavy emphasis on water, sewer and storm drains. These projects have been done on the UAF campus, at the Fairbanks International Airport, for the State of Alaska, for the City of Fairbanks and on area military installations.

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